October 13, 2012

The CrossFit Toaster

My legs are TOAST! Saturday WODs always seem to have random degrees of difficulty but the one consistent thing that I notice is that my legs are tired from Fridays lifting. Today's WOD didn't help my cause any.

4 rounds for time:
12 Toes to Bar
12 Push Press [115/75]
12 Box Jumps [30/24]
12 50 ft. Overhead Lunge [45/25]
Time - 14:28

I'm ok at Toes to Bar and the Push Presses weren't too difficult based on the weight I was using. I am still going really light on the weight to protect my back but there is no hiding from the Box Jumps. As Regina would say "It's a box and you f*cking jump on it." I did these at 30" and I swear to God every jump felt like an eternity. I didn't want to come back down from the top. Truthfully, I should get credit for a 400 meter run if you add up all the steps I took prior to jumping. After the Box Jumps having to do Overhead Lunges is just rude. I really hate those things. My legs were already worn out from yesterday and this did me in. Every step felt like a mile but I just kept grinding. Once I am back to "normal" I should do a WOD like this in the same time but RX'd. I'm gonna give it a couple of more weeks and then see where I am.

On a side note, I had a buddy show up today and do the "CFD Intro WOD". This thing is freaking brutal. My first time was miserable so I take a sadistic pride in watching others suffer from it. Here's the WOD:

3 rounds for time:
10 Thrusters [95/65]
20 Burpees
100ft Overhead Walking Lunge [45/25]

This WOD hurts my feelings. It just kills your legs, lungs, and shoulders. There is simply no hiding from the pain. With that said, my buddy really crushed it for his first time and if he sticks around, will probably be a pretty great CrossFitter. As I was watching him and his friend give this a try it helped me remember that this WOD (and almost all of them) is about getting maximum effort and taking smart breaks. You can't forget the "breaks" part and it takes time to learn where to take them. As an example, if I see this WOD on the whiteboard I will start my break the day before and resume working out the day after. That would be a very smart break. I wonder if my friend has been able to leave the couch yet...

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