October 8, 2012

Welcome back. CrossFit has missed you...

Today was my first day back after being out with the back issue. It sucked. There is really no better way to say it. I've been out for two weeks and my lungs felt every minute of it today not to mention both hands and one knee are bleeding. Man how I have missed this and by missed this I mean not at all. The first day back is always like getting kicked in the nuts but no where near as fun....

Today we did a "two parter"...

75 Power snatches [75/55] 
Time - 8:21

Post WOD
50 Burpee broad jumps for time
Time - 4:26

This is the second time I've done "Randy". This thing sucks your lungs right out of your chest. I'm coughing like an asthmatic in a cigar bar. With that said I improved my time by 1:16 since the last time I did this so no complaints. Ok, I'm gonna complain a little. I taped my pinkies in the wrong place and now they are both bleeding. Anytime I do that many snatches the bar rolls in my hands and it ripped the skin off my hands. It's not particularly painful but I feel like b*tching...boo hoo

The post WOD is pretty straight forward. Just burpee and jump until you are done. My buddy "Big D" described this best. He said "There is nothing more humiliating than throwing your face onto the floor 50 times". That's the truth and I was really not looking forward to this. I took a pretty long break between WODs and stretched my back out to prepare so I did this solo after the group left. My back felt ok and I was careful to not push past my limits. I was feeling tired early and was basically collaping to the floor and coming up so slow my right knee was scraping. Now it's more skinned than a Penn State waterboy's...........too soon?

All in all not a bad first day back. My plan is to do some serious mobility work tonight and then maybe Yoga tomorrow or something light.....

Smell ya later.

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