October 23, 2012

Welcome to my new CrossFit home

Well, it's official. JFW has his very own URL. Now you don't have to type in all those pesky letters to get to my site. "URL" Welcome.  CrossFitters aren't known for their spelling anyway....

This morning I decided to do an early morning WOD of pillow hugs and snooze button taps for time. I love that WOD and I ROCKED it! However, due to my laziness  sleeping in,  I went in for a rare PM workout tonight instead of my normal 6am.

The WOD as prescribed involved lots of running and deadlifts. Uhhhhhhhh yeah. That's not gonna happen. The only way I could do a WOD with that combo is if my doctor ran with me giving me an epidural. Now that I think of it, that's actually not a bad idea. I may have to check with Doc Peters and see if he's game. Anywho ~ I checked with the coach in charge regarding the WOD and subbed rows and front squats.

1000m Row
21 Front squats [135]
500m Row
15 Front squats
250m row
9 Front squats
Time - 12:19

Have I mentioned recently that I hate rowing? The first 1000m wasn't too bad but the transition to the front squats kind of sucked. I couldn't find a way to catch my breath so I just broke the first set into three sets of five and one set of six. I did the second round as eight/seven and the final round unbroken but the rowing between was slower than a herd of snails in peanut butter. All told the WOD was ok but I am continually reminded how much I need to continue to work on my rowing. I'll add it to the list. It might be quicker to just create a list of things I am good at. Here is what it would look like...

Things in CrossFit I am good at
1. Showing up
2. Sarcasm and rude remarks
3. -----

At least I have room to grow....

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