November 3, 2012

CrossFit Strip Down

For time:
30 Back squat [135/95]
25 Pull-ups
20 Shoulder to overhead [135/95]
30 Front squat [95/65]
25 Pull-ups
20 Shoulder to overhead [95/65]
30 Overhead squat [65/45]
25 Pull-ups
20 Shoulder to overhead [65/45]
Time - 19:39

This WOD wasn't as fun as the title makes it sound, however, I like WODs where we get to strip down the weight. It gives you a little bit of a break both physically and mentally. Looking at this one on the board made it seem a little more complex than it was but it still wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. 

Round one - I chose to go with a weight of 115# to start the first round and then RX the final two rounds. 135# is a bit much for me for that many shoulder to overheads and I didn't want to start my workout my hurting or pooping myself. The back squats were no issue at that weight and truthfully I should have done them faster and/or unbroken. I was a little hesitant due to the rounds I knew were coming so I lolly gagged a bit. The pull-ups were fine. I cranked those out in 15/10 and moved to the shoulder to overhead. Even at 115# these kinda sucked. I basically jerked everyone. I haven't jerked that much since I was 16. (We all know that's not true.)

Round two - Here is where sh*t got real. 95# isn't a lot of weight but I was already tired and trying to hold that front squat properly was about as easy as catching a greased chicken. I had that bar tight against my neck and was pretty sure I was gonna choke myself out. I usually try not to asphyxiate myself on Saturdays before Noon. Luckily I didn't pass out and moved on and thru the pull-ups pretty well. Lately I've been using tape on my hands when doing pull-ups and I had them taped so well they would have held a bad marriage together so I wasn't having any issue on the bar at all. The shoulder to overhead was definitely easier the second time thru but I still had to break this up into sevens.

Round three - At this point I was in full heavy breather mode (or as I call it, date mode) and not ready to move on. I was so tired that I got no-f'ing rep'd TWICE on the overhead squats. I really blame my friend Marty. Usually his form is so sh*tty that the trainers don't notice me but today he was doing pretty well. Damn his unusually good form... Anyway ~ The pull-ups in this round caught up to me and I really hated every one. My kip was holding up but my spirit wasn't. I somehow managed to get thru them and on to the final set of shoulder to overhead. At 65# these were pretty simple so I did them in two sets of ten. I could see the clock sneaking up on twenty so I timed a break between the two sets so I could still go sub twenty but have enough time to wipe my tears.  Once it was over I rolled onto my back for a few minutes and contemplated the meaning of the universe which at that point and time was "Don't puke". Who knew the universe was so profound?

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