November 27, 2012

JFW's tips for new CrossFitters

A buddy of mine joined the box recently and as I was talking to him this morning about all of his new found aches and pains it reminded me of when I started. The first month was really hard and unfortunately for me, I had to figure a lot of sh*t out on my own back then. I figured I wasn't alone in that so I thought I could give a few tips to those of you that may just be starting. With that said here is ....

JFW's tips for new CrossFitters

1. Buy Band-aids and lots of them. You are going to rip your hands. There is nothing you can do about it so deal with it. You will be tempted to buy gloves. Don't do that sh*t. You will still rip your hands and your hands will smell. No one likes smelly hand guy....

Here is what I do when I rip my hands.
  • Cut off the rip, file down the callus, and wash them. You would think that washing them could go without saying but some of you are gross.
  • On the first day if the rip is in my palm or far enough from my finger that I can bandage it, I use a blister band-aid. That's the kind that bubbles up and conforms to your skin. Leave that on for 24 hours. 
  • After 24 hours remove bandage and wash your hands. (again, see above) Now use Neosporin for two days. Your hands will be greasy and if you are in a job that requires a lot of hand shaking you will either need to explain it or just shake away and watch the grossed out look on peoples faces. That's actually kind of fun...
  • After two days I switch over to Vitamin E oil. Your hands should be pretty well recovered within a week. 
  • Also during this week if you are single you may want to switch to "the stranger". If you have ripped both hands just think of baseball stats and nuns.
2. Drink lots of water, get sleep, and take a recovery drink. That's in no particular order. The first month or so can be rough on your body and by "rough" I mean a real kick in the nuts. You can't recover without water and sleep so lay off the booze, grab some aqua and then hit the sack. As for the recovery drink, you need to find something you like. I use a couple of different ones but lately I've been using Progenex. It tastes good and my soreness seems to subside quicker. 

3. Don't be a hero. If you like CrossFit it is probably because you like to compete. Don't let your competitive spirit (ego) write checks your out of shape ass can't cash. It's ok to push yourself but you need to listen to your body. You don't need to Rx every workout right out the gate. Learn the movements, get comfortable with them, and pay attention to your coach. Most guys get hurt in the first month by trying to put on more weigh than the chick next to them. Don't feel bad about that. CrossFit women are badasses....

4. Buy a foam roller. This will become your best friend. A foam roller will help get rid of all of those aches and pains you are feeling. At first it is a little like torture but then it starts to feel great. It's like marriage in reverse. 

5. Get some knee socks. Now this one is a little controversial. Some guys won't wear knee socks because they think it makes them look like a p*ssy. I wear them because the keep me from bleeding when I scrape my shins on the weight bar or if I wipe out on a box jump. Plus they come with matching panties...

Those are just a few tips off the top of my head. If you found this helpful and need advice or have a question feel free to hit the comment section below or email me at


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