December 16, 2012

CrossFit Tough Mudder

We had our CrossFit Distinction holiday party last night and it was awesome. I could probably write a whole paragraph here about what a great community we have or how we are all family but the truth is there was free food and alcohol. It doesn't take much after that to get us all together. It is worth mentioning that someone made chocolate with bacon in it. That person is a flippin' genius and now my pants are tight. Those things may be related....

In an unrelated event, Marty and Matt (aka The Glove) talked me into doing the Tough Mudder that comes to Northern Ohio in April. I can't believe I let those assholes trick me into it. "Glove" used his jedi mind trick on me. Our discussion went like this.

Glove: "Are you doing the Tough Mudder in April?"
Me: "I wouldn't run 12 miles with obstacles between even if the obstacles were BJ's and lap dances."
Glove: "Then what the hell are you training for?"
Me: "..............Damn!"

Game, Set, Match Glove. To be fair that's the first thing he's beaten me at in weeks but I knew he was right. I train 5 days a week and at some point I need to get out and do something with it besides going to 6am class.

Now that I am all in on this I am obsessing about what I need to wear for this thing. For those of you in warmer climates, Northern Ohio in April is not exactly a heat wave and this event has 20-25 obstacles of which most of them involve water. I've already narrowed the shoes down to the Inov-8 Mudclaw's and the Salomon Speedcross's. There is a lot of mud on this course and I need something that will grip and drain water quickly. Also it gives me an excuse to buy new shoes to add to my collection so that's a bonus. I'm leaning toward the Inov-8's since I already own 3 pair and really trust their gear. Outside of that I also need some light neoprene shorts and top. The temp will probably range for 40-60 degrees so I need to keep the water off as much skin as possible and dry quickly. Have no fear, you will not see JFW running around in skin tight shorts. My Lululemons are going over them. Skin tight shorts and cold water are a terrible combination for a guy...

I don't plan to change my training at all until about February. I'll start to get in some road work then or "Off-road" work as the case may be. We have great programming at CFD and I feel like as long as I continue to push my strength training and the met-cons then I'll be fine. I'll continue to update the blog with my Tough Mudder training as it gets closer...

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  1. did you just spend a whole paragraph on worrying about what to wear for something in APRIL?? no more estrogen supplements for you... wtf jfw... wtf...

  2. Just did the Tampa tough mudder in November, first one ever after 5 months of crossfit training. I would only recommend taking your running up a knotch. I made sure I was up to 4-5 miles for indurance and made it thru the course without issue. Wore Salomon Speedcross, Madgrip gloves with finger tips cut off, normal xfit shorts and under armour shirt. No issues with gear whatsoever. Be careful....after finishing you will feel an addiction for more! Good luck!

  3. Thank you so much for the feedback. I had already decided to buy the Salomon Speedcross 3's. I'm gonna wait til the last min on other apparel to see what the weather is like. Cleveland can be pretty cold. I'm still obsessing a bit but I think i am gonna stick to just CrossFit workouts, eating Paleo, and throw in some running about 12 weeks out from the event. I can't wait. Great job finishing yours!