December 6, 2012

My hour in the Tiger's Den

Howdy Y'all! I just got back from Texas and it was Texas-rific. I had to go down there for work and whenever I travel I try to squeeze in time to visit a local box. I found Tiger's Den CrossFit on the web the week before and emailed the owner, JD, to make sure I could drop in. He said they would love to have me so once I got to Dallas, I jogged over for a WOD.

First of all let me say that JD, his coaches, and the members could not have been more welcoming and helpful. They were incredibly nice and treated me as if I had been a member there for years. One of the many things I love about CrossFit is the incredible community that has been built and the Tiger's Den was no exception. I got there a little early so they had me work on some double unders while I waited for the next class to start. Here is what we did in the class.

200m Row followed by row sprints for Watts.

Snatch instruction then:
5 Sets of 3 increasing in weight

10 Burpee box jumps
8 Kettlebell swings [55#]
6 Pull-ups
4 Toes to bar
2 Handstand push-ups
Time - 7:19

Cool down
Run 1 mile back to hotel

This hour of work kicked my ass. The coaches pushed me hard thru the snatch work but gave me great coaching. I'm sure my coaches here will be SHOCKED to hear I was pulling too fast and losing power. I'm pretty sure I could feel Travis rolling his eyes from 1000 miles away....

The WOD itself was in my wheelhouse since most of it was bodyweight and gymnastic movements but it was not easy in the least. I was instructed to not let go of the bar between the pull-ups and toes to bar. They might as well have asked me to shoot monkeys out of my ass because that just wasn't happening. With my luck "monkey ass shoots for time" will be on the CrossFit main site next week. I hope it's not an AMRAP....

The WOD was fun and I pushed myself hard. I was excited to end with the 3rd best time on the board for the day. In typical CrossFit fashion everyone worked incredibly hard until the end and the coaches were involved the whole way. They even made me get off my ass after the WOD as I was trying to make sweat angels. I love making those....

There was a cool down portion programmed but I needed to get back and still had another mile to run. You all know how much I love running so that was the worst part of my workout. All in all it was a terrific visit to another fantastic box. For those of you in Dallas or travelling there, check this box out. . They have great programming, great people, and really go out of their way to help you. Also, Texas girls are hot so that helps too.....

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