January 26, 2013

CrossFit Paleo Challenge - 20 days in

I made it to day 20 of my new Paleo lifestyle! I like round numbers. They make me feel accomplished for some reason. I have 10 days to go of my initial 30 days and at this point it feels like it should be pretty easy. While I really like the food a lot, I don't like the clean up. I feel like I live in my kitchen and my dishwasher is getting ready to go on strike. The dishwasher is working harder than a puppy with two peckers. That was gross but I don't care. It's true. I'm constantly preparing something in there. I have to get better about making multiple meals at a time and then just reheating.

I feel really good after 3 weeks. My skin is way less oily and I feel like my recovery time is shorter. Also the strangest thing is my cardio can't seem to keep up with new found strength gains. Today's WOD burned my lungs because of it.

3 RFT:
14 Box jumps
7 Thrusters [105]
14 Toes to Bar
Time - 7:23

Post WOD
100 Walking Lunges for time:
Time - 2:34

First of all let me admit the Thruster Rx was 155# so 105# is hardly heroic but I'm still taking it easy on my shoulder. It feels better by the way. Thanks for asking. Anywho ~ I flew thru the 1st round faster than a fat kid on a slip-n-slide. Once I started round two my lungs were burning like my ass after Chipotle. I know, gross again. Deal with it. I hate that lung burn feeling but there is nothing you can do but suck it up and keep pushing. The post WOD wasn't much better but I was really excited about how I performed. Lunges are something I feel I struggle with some but I moved thru these in big, fast sets and got it done.

I'm gonna credit the diet this week for sure. I usually find that Saturdays are my weakest performance of the week because I am tired from the work week and the previous 4 days of WODs. Today felt like real progress so I am looking forward to seeing the next two weeks results. Now if you'll excuse me, it's been 5 mins. I need to go cook something...

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