January 15, 2013

I'm sprouting brussels...

9 days Paleo and still going strong! I learned a couple of new things about myself today. First, I think for all of my joking of being a sugar addict I actually felt an addictive craving today. I had a crabby moment at work and I instinctively wanted to grab some junk food. It was odd and caught me a little off guard. I hung tough though.

I also realized that I have figured out about 10 different ways to prepare Brussel Sprouts. That's quite a feat since prior to this challenge I didn't care for them. I need to thank Juli @ PaleOMG! for that. I borrowed (i.e. stole) a few recipes from her blog and then bastardized them to my liking. Not that her recipes are not fantastic on their own but I'm too lazy to pay really close attention to her notes. I think I still get pretty close so I should get points for that. Yes, I'm keeping score. Either way they taste great. While I'm on the topic, if you don't read PaleOMG! then you are a tool and need to click off of my site and on to hers. She has awesome recipes and is way funnier than this guy. Also I think she has a crush on me and by crush I mean restraining order. She's tweeted my like 3 times which by internet standards means we are practically engaged. Is this getting creepy? Yeah, I think so too but creepy is my wheelhouse....

So creepiness aside, the meals are actually going well. Here is what my standard day looks like.

2 egg Omelet w/bacon, peppers, mushrooms, & topped with salsa, guac
Coffee w/coconut cream

6oz steak

Apple & almonds

Pork Chops
Brussel Sprouts & Mushrooms w/Guac
Sweet Potato Wedges

I am sure a lot of you Paleo enthusiasts could pick this apart but it's working for me and 100% better than where I was before so I'm going to continue on with it and modify it as I need to depending on how hard the WODs are and how I'm feeling. If you don't like it then bite me, I'm Paleo...

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