January 4, 2013

WODding with Elvis at CrossFit Tupelo

Howdy Y'all! I've been in Mississippi for the past few day visiting my family and living on biscuits and gravy. The Parental units don't exactly keep Paleo unless you count a smorgasbord of German Chocolate Cake, Brownies, and Sweet Tea as Paleo... That's the way we roll.

I was born and raised here in the land of cotton and I try to get home 1-2x a year. I was super excited to see that an affiliate had opened here in my absence. In the past I would have to go up to the local park and do my own "Travel WOD" all while getting odd looks from the locals. You would think I am used to odd looks but it doesn't happen as often as you think. No really. I swear. Quit laughing...

I knew I would only get in a couple of WODs at the local box so I still did a "Travel WOD" on my own Wednesday. I did:

24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Lunges
400m run
Time: 28:50

It was a chilly 34 degrees and I hate to run. To add insult to injury, I didn't want to run with my iPhone so I used my daughter's iPod to break up the boredom and did the entire WOD listening to Katy Perry. I'm pretty sure I got my period.

Prior to my monthly visitor, I had sent a quick email to CrossFit Tupelo to check the rules for dropping in and the owner told me to come on in. The box is in final stages of moving to their new facility and is currently sharing space with a MMA studio. It makes the current space small but doesn't keep them from programming tough, efficient WODs.

I knew I would regret those lunges from "Loredo" and I was right. When I got to CFT here was the programmed WOD:

WOD - 15 min
3 rounds for total reps of:

1 min ME Burpee Over-the-Box Jumps 24″ (touch on top required)
1 min ME Weighted Lunges 45#
1 min ME Ground to Overhead 115#
*Rest 1 minute.
Total reps - 103

I like WODs like this but it gassed me. The overhead lunges at 45# were brutal. The gym has a "no cussing" rule (I know, right?) so I was letting loose with a lot of "shucks" and "gosh darn it"'s. It must have been like working out with Ward and June Cleaver. Also I'm pretty sure I'm June. Either way this was a fun WOD and Coach Austin did a great job of pushing us and giving spot on instruction. I was very happy to get over 100 reps especially at the RX weight.

Today they programmed "Fran". Programming "Fran" and having a no cussing rule is in direct conflict with each other. I spent the entire warmup trying to figure out how I would make it thru the round of 9 with no "F bombs".I decided that if I accidentally let one slip I would throw in "with all due respect". According to Rickt Bobbie, you allowed to say anything you want if you add that.


Me: "With all due respect, Fran effing sucks big time"
Coach: "You can't say that in here"
Me: "What? I said with all due respect..."

Long story short, I set a new PR of 7:49 so I was very pleased. We also did some front squats post WOD that felt pretty brutal after all those thrusters so it was a good day.

I spent some time talking to the owner John and he renewed in me all the things I love about CrossFit. His coaching was spot on and he treated me like I was a paying member even though I was dropping in for free. I watched him with the others and he did a fantastic job scaling the ones new to CrossFit and the different levels of experience. If I lived here I would be a proud member of CFT because you can tell the owner really cares about his members and wants them to be happy and successful. I can't wait to get back here and workout with them again. If you live in this area, put down the biscuits and gravy, get off your butt and join now.

Thank you Coach John & Coach Austin for your hospitality and fantastic coaching! See you next year...

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