February 6, 2013

What I learned in 30 days on Paleo

I finished my 30 day Paleo Challenge yesterday. I felt like I should have shouted "Time!" just as I finished my last meal but I reigned it in. All in all I am going to give a big thumbs up to the new lifestyle. Here is what I learned in a months time:

1. I feel great:  Almost all bloating went away after just a few days of being Paleo and my skin is less oily. I probably could have gotten the same effect by eating dog food and taking Midol but Paleo is easier...
2. I'm stronger and have more energy: I had a couple of PR's during my 30 day run and felt like my endurance was better. My big issue that came out of this is my cardio can't keep up with my strength gains. I keep burning my lungs in the WODs and I hate that feeling. I leave most metcons coughing like an asthmatic when the elevator is broken....
3. My workouts hinge on my diet: I kept a log everyday of what I ate and found out very quickly that if I did not get enough healthy slow burning carbs in my diet, then my workout would suffer. The reverse of that was true as well. Keeping the log really helps keep you honest but it's a little bit of a pain in the butt. 
4. You have to prepare or people will look at you weird: The last day of the challenge I had an all day meeting downtown and couldn't bring my lunch. The job provided us lunch and I quickly realized why America is fat. It was a turkey sandwich on two HUGE slices of bread with cheese, potato chips, chocolate chip cookie, and banana with choice of drink. First of all the bread was like 8oz and the turkey was about 4oz. I peeled off the cheese, tossed the bread, and wrapped the turkey in the lettuce. I then traded my cookie (reluctantly) and chips for a second banana which I saved for the afternoon. I skipped the diet sodas and had a bottled water. The guy next to me looked at me like I was constructing an atom bomb. I also thought it was a little funny and appropriate that my last day was challenging since the bulk of the days were really simple.
5. I lost weight: This was not a goal for me. I'm pretty much a naturally thin(er) guy and I only step on the scale about every 3 months. Overall I dropped about 5 pounds from start to finish. I didn't measure or weigh my food once during this challenge and pretty much just ate whenever I was hungry. I did find myself less hungry overall however and didn't feel the need to snack between meals which is probably what caused the weigh loss. 

For those of you still wanting to try this, here are the "cons" that are not really "cons" to me anymore.

You will have to give up some things you love and/or addicted to such as pizza, ice cream, double half-caf latte supremes with 2 pumps and a peppermint twist, cookies, sweet tea, basically anything with sugar, McDonalds french fries, sex with midgets, prepackaged foods, cheese, and soda - diet or otherwise. Of all the things I gave up, I didn't give up coffee. I like coffee and didn't see the need. I did switch my cream to coconut milk however. Other than that, even with giving up so much stuff (basically dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods) my cravings went away almost immediately and of that list I only still crave ice cream. I plan to give myself one "cheat" ice cream whenever I hit a PR which is usually about every 3 months or so. Also I was kidding about the midget thing. I don't know if they are Paleo or not so tap that short ass all you want....

My next 30 day challeng starts today. 3-2-1 GO!

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