March 25, 2013

I'm back...miss me?

I've been busy lately so I haven't been blogging enough(or at all). Between trying to really perfect the Paleo thing and my training for the Tough Mudder, I haven't given much thought to the blog. Oh well. I'm back now. Here's the skinny on whats been going on.

Paleo - I've dropped about ten pounds and have seen some serious strength and cardio gains in the last 60 days. Turns out living Paleo is pretty simple. It just takes some planning and will power. If any of you want more details feel free to ask in the comments below. Otherwise, here's my tip. Eat lots and lots of bacon. You. Are. Welcome.

Training - I've had some big gains and think I am pretty much ready for the Tough Mudder. I'm going to try to work in some trail runs between now and then but my long endurance WODs have felt good. Also, while I chose to not register for the Open, I did 211 reps on WOD 13.2 and 240 on WOD 13.3. I was particularly happy with getting all the double unders in the last one. A year ago I only got 41 and this year I was done with about a minute to spare. I may be old but I can jump rope like a 12 year old girl.

Mobility - I've been working hard on this piece of my training and truthfully, it was the part I least cared for or felt I needed. I was definitely wrong because my recovery time is getting faster and I feel better every time I do it. I have been foam rolling, using lacrosse balls, and self-massage (not the fun kind). Next I am going to try bath salts. Apparently they reduce soreness, eliminate toxins, and I think if I light a candle and drink wine while using them I may grow a vagina so thats a plus. I'll update you next time after I have something to report. 

Other than that, I'm buying a house and all kinds of craziness is going on right now but I'll get around to all of that in due time. Right now, I'm going to go light a candle, pour a hot bath, and soak my troubles away. I suggest you do the same....

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