July 13, 2013

Do you even lift bro?

For some reason when someone at work finds out I workout a lot , I get the same questions over and over again. I always try to explain CrossFit to them but they don't get it. The conversation usually goes like this.

Them: "So do you do P90X?" 
Me: "No. I CrossFit?"
Them: Is that like P90X?"
Me: "No."
Them: "How is it different?"
Me: "I'm actually in shape."

Ok. I just pissed off like 10,000,000 Beachbody coaches. Someone tell Tony Horton I'm sorry....

The truth is I like P90X just fine and it's a great program if you like working out at home in your underwear. You are welcome for the mental picture. I prefer a banana hammock and knee socks. Again, You are welcome...

P90X actually got me started into a fitter lifestyle. It all started like this. I had just gone thru a divorce and truthfully felt terrible about myself physically. Like most people, I ate like sh*t, worked too much, and hardly exercised. My daughters were 8 & 6 years old at the time and I was tired of getting winded carrying them to bed. I decided to do something about it. My ex had tried P90X and didn't like it so she sold me her DVDs. I remember thinking "I can't wait to have a six pack!". About a week later I was thinking "I can't wait to be able to use my arms again!" Those videos kicked my out of shape ass and I loved it. I dropped a bunch of weight and definitely felt better. After about 6 months of using those videos I got conned into trying CrossFit by a buddy of mine. I won't recap what that was like but here is the link if you are interested: My CrossFit Experience

I think the biggest difference between someone who likes CrossFit and someone who likes P90X is this. If you are highly competitive and like a lot of social interaction, swearing, and hijinx then CrossFit is for you. If you don't want anyone to see you sweat, then try P90X or one of the other Beachbody programs. With either one you will get out of it what you put into it. Also with the videos you hear Tony yell the same sh*t over and over. At least at the gym my trainers insults have variety...

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