August 11, 2013

CrossFit in the land of cotton

Southern road trip time Y'all! I have officially made it Mississippi for the week to visit my family. I love it down here. Mississippi is full of great people and great food. It's damn near impossible to keep Paleo but my parents are being nice enough to help me try. I eat so bad normally when I come down here my body can sense it. As soon as I crossed the Mississippi State Line I got a biscuit boner. Yeah, that's a thing and you're welcome. In any event, my Mom made a trip to the grocery (aka Wal-Mart) last night and left with pretty much only Paleo fixin's. She's sweet like that but at some point I'm going to have to find some banana puddin' and sweet tea.

While we were at Wal-Mart last night I had to buy a belt. I forgot mine in Ohio and we have church this morning and I don't want to have my pants fall off. I don't go to church often but but I think Jesus frowns on your pants falling down. Anyway ~ Do you know how difficult it is to find a belt in my size in a Mississippi Wal-Mart? This isn't the fattest state in the country for no good reason. It did give me ample time to people watch. There were lots of questionable hair-dos, fatties on scooters, and no one in the dental section. I did see a guy with an eye patch. I almost asked him if it was all fun and games up until that point but I was wearing flip flops and didn't want to run. In hindsight I could have just run to my left but oh well. Bygones..

This week I will be getting my WOD on at CrossFit Tupelo. I've been there once before and I'm excited to see their new facility. They have great coaching and great members so I am looking forward to a fun week. They do have a gym rule however that "discourages" audible profanity. That might be harder for me than the WOD. I wonder if they will believe that I have Tourette's syndrome? I'll just yell something like "Ball F*ck" of "Sh*t biscuits" as soon as I walk thru the door. That will sell it.

More to come Y'all...

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