August 14, 2013

CrossFit Mississipi - Teeth Optional...

So the good news and bad news about today. I set two PR's. The bad news is I may lose some teeth in the process. Here's my story:

Our WOD today was pretty simple.

Part 1 - Run 1 mile for time
Part 2 - 7x1 Split Jerk: establish 1RM

I didn't have anyone to pace against for the mile so I just ran at a pace that I felt comfortable in. Coach Chris gave us our split time at the 800m mark and when he said 3:00 I knew it was a little fast for me but I was leading so I just kept chugging. Ok, it was a lot fast for me but it was already too late to slow down. My plan was to kick in it in for the final 300m but as we got close to that mark I got passed like an old lady in the right hand lane. I had nothing and I mean NOTHING left in the tank but still managed to cross the line at the 6:14 mark. I'm not sure how much faster that is for me because I haven't tested the mile in some time but my previous 800m was around 3:15 so I feel pretty good about it. On a side note, two years ago when I started CrossFit I couldn't break a 10 min mile. This sh*t works yo!

Here is where things got interesting. We set up for split jerk and on my very first lift in warm up I didn't get my chin out of the way and slammed the bar into my chin. My bottom teeth crashed into my uppers and now I have two on the bottom that are slightly loose. They bled like a stuck pig for about 15mins. I'll admit it. That kind of sucked. Coach's post chin slam "Get out of the way of the bar" was duly noted....At least he didn't laugh at me too hard.

I wasn't going to let something like a couple of loose teeth keep me from lifting so I went ahead and set up. My previous 1RM was 200# and that was only a couple of weeks ago. Truthfully, I wasn't feeling like my odds were very good and my mouth hurt so I went up in weight quick. I did a warm up at 115, then 165, 185, 195, 205, and finished at 215#. I was having problems getting under the bar on every one but the 215#. That one I got so low I was almost on my knees. I stood it up without a problem and was very excited. That was a 15# PR or 7 1/2 pounds per loose tooth depending on how you want to count it.

Fortunately for me, one of my normal training partners is a dentist. I called and he gave me good advice. We'll see how things look in a couple of days but I'm hopeful everything will reset and I'll be no worse for wear. I almost feel bad for all those times I was making fun of him for not being a "real doctor"......almost.

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