August 12, 2013

CrossFit Tupelo Day 1 aka "It's so hot I can't breathe

I'm back in the box people! After an all day drive Saturday and a rest day yesterday (forced by the rain) I got up to CrossFit Tupelo for the 5pm class.

First of all the new location is state of the art. It's freakin' huge! Don't believe the hype ladies. Size matters and CFT brings the girth. They also do a very good job of organizing what is going on. They had fundamentals classes going at the same time my class was and the coaches did a great job of keeping everyone in their place and structured.

Our WOD today was:

Back Squats 5x3

4 Rounds for time
20 Pull-ups
30 Double unders
Time - 6:19

As soon as I started the back squats, the coach said "Your knees are collapsing in." I swear I heard my normal coach laugh from 800 miles away. I've been hearing and working on this for weeks and it's good to know that I'm a dumbass north and south of the Mason Dixon line. To his credit, he said it nicely. I usually hear "Your feet are in the wrong place and your knees are collapsing in you f*cktard. What's wrong with you?" Now, I'm homesick.....sniff. Anyway, I had it corrected by the final set and felt pretty good about a set of three at 255#.

The WOD was right up my alley. I loves me some double unders and pull-ups. I knew my issue going into this wasn't the work but the heat. It was hotter than two possums makin' love in a wool sock. (That's a thing down here Y'all). I put enough chalk on to hold onto the bar and maybe bust out some improvised mime work mid-wod if need be. I moved thru the first set just fine but rounds 2-4 were tough. I felt like my forearms were gonna explode the whole way. I wrapped it up in what I felt like a decent time and then went and guzzled some water to make up for the five pounds of water weight I had just jumped off. Did I mention it was hot?

All in all it felt like a productive first day. I had the opportunity to get some great instruction, workout with friends, and check out this great new facility. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week...

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