August 16, 2013

CrossFit Tupelo - Review

Well, my week in the land of cotton is over and I have to make the long drive back to O-H-I-O. It's been a great week here getting to visit with my wonderful family and get a much needed break from work. The highlights of the week were:

1. Seeing my 92 year old Grandmother. We call her "Mamaw". We love her dearly.
2. My sweet parents cooked Paleo everyday. This is the first time I am leaving Mississippi lighter than I arrived.
3. I had five days of fantastic WODs and instruction at CrossFit Tupelo.

This was my second trip to CFT but the first to their new box at 3406 W. Main Street. From a facility standpoint this place is off the hook . The building itself is huge and allows them to run nice sized classes without everyone feeling too crowded. The equipment is state of the art. Everything is new including a new Pull-up/Squat rack that is over 60 feet long. While I've denied it over the years, it turns out bigger is better.

I had the opportunity to talk to the owner Adam for a while and I was really impressed with his passion around the facility. Even though this box is relatively new, they are continuing to invest money to upgrade the facility to make it more user friendly and keep the business running smooth. They also have once coach for about every 10-15 members which means you get a lot of attention. Check your ego cause your gonna get coached.

Speaking of coaches, I had the opportunity to interact with three of the over the course of the week. The main two were Johnny Bruce and Tracy Loden. Both of these guys gave spot on coaching to me throughout the week. My trainers back home will be pleased to hear that I got yelled at for the same dumb stuff here as I do in Ohio. The other was Chris Smith. We worked out together about every day and he kicked my ass daily. This dude is a seriously good CrossFitter and I expect to see him compete someday. I'll root for him in spite of him being a Mississippi State Bulldog fan. No one is perfect.

From a training standpoint it was a great week and I learned a lot. I learned that you need someone to push you to get better. I had people pushing me everyday and it reinforced why I workout at CFD and how valuable my training partners are. Thanks to getting that push, I set 2 new PRs and did unassisted Pistols for the 1st time in a WOD. I'm pretty excited about that last one since I've been working on pistols forever.

Long story short, if you are looking to get in great shape in a positive environment but still get pushed then check this place out. They'll take great care of you and you'll probably make some new friends. I know I did.

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