August 13, 2013

Day two at CFT and I still can't find my lungs

Well. I officially hate humidity. Seriously. It's like running thru cotton. Lately running has been an advantage for me but today not so much. We did the following:

12 min AMRAP
200m run
8 Thrusters [95]
8 Bar facing burpees
4 rds + 2 Burpees

I almost squeaked out that 5th round but just ran out of time. Oh well. Next time and by next time I mean never....The big difference for me working out in a new climate is that I feel completely spent afterward. It's either the humidity or lack of beer. I'm not sure yet. 

On a different note, my family has been nice enough to keep Paleo since I got here. I'm pretty sure going 3 days with no biscuits in Mississippi is against the law so keep that on the down low. I may have to go out tomorrow for some Mississippi cuisine and by cuisine I mean beer. Lots of beer....

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