September 28, 2013

CrossFit meets the Akron Marathon

Whelp. You can put one more "First" in the books. I officially completed my first team relay marathon today. I've always been curious if I could run a 1/2 marathon but truthfully I have been scared to try. Running that kind of distance has always seemed really daunting to me. A few months ago our endurance coach Speed (Yes that's his real name and it's the best running name in the history of ever), asked me to lead a relay team. I reluctantly agreed. Here is basically how everything went down.

While I knew a long run would be tough for me, I didn't change my training all that much. I did the programmed workouts five days a week which are usually some sort of Olympic lifting for strength and then a metabolic conditioning workout that will include weights and/or body weight exercises. I added in two days of endurance training to get ready for the marathon. Usually that would alternate between interval training, cadence training, long runs, trail runs, and time trials. I also quit taking rest days. I don't recommend that to others but truthfully the work on my "rest days" would be really light. Usually a light run of 1-2 miles or some really simple body weight stuff. At the very end I added in some yoga for added flexibility. How did I get all this in you ask? I basically have no life. Yay me!

I had the 3rd leg of the race which meant I was running 7.5 miles. I was a little nervous as my previous longest run was about 4 miles. Coach Speed kept telling me I would "settle in" and it would be fine. I kept telling him he was "full of sh*t".

It was about 50 degrees at start time and I was a little cold. Thankfully one of my team mates had given me some duct tape for my nipples prior to running so I wasn't going to poke anyones eye out. Apparently "chafed nipples" are a thing in the running community. I'll be honest. I felt a little naughty....

Once I got started me and my "50 Shades of Gray" nipples quickly realized that Speed was right. I settled in almost immediately. I'd also like to thank the woman in the hot pink tie dyed booty shorts that allowed me to "settle in". She kept a great pace for about 3 miles and I was able to warm up while I ran closely behind her. In Nascar they call that "Drafting" but apparently in marathons they call it "Stalking". I say tomato tomaydo...regardless, I had a pretty good pace through three miles, right up until the point that I tweaked my left knee. I'm not really sure what happened but it started hurting on the outer left side. That went on for about a mile but eventually went away. It didn't seem to matter because once I had crossed the four mile marker, every step felt like a personal record for me. I was really excited. Other than some random arm cramps I felt great the whole way right up until mile seven when I tweaked it again. Again, I wasn't sure what caused it. I can only attribute it to a booty short deficiency. I passed off to my team mate and wrapped up my 7.5 leg in 1:02:16 with an average pace of 8:18 per mile. My last two miles were the fastest at about 7:55 each.

I am positive I could have kept going to 13.1 and truthfully am slightly disappointed I didn't sign up for that in the first place. I say only slightly because I have been on this couch for about 5 hours now icing this knee every sixty minutes and dreading trying to walk upstairs. Either way I got my medal and a desire to try the 1/2 marathon next year. Now that I have put in the miles as well as have been educated on nipple preparedness, I think I will do fine...

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