May 30, 2014

Why I don't take my fitness advice from ab models…

The whole CrossFit world went crazy this week when some wanna be fitness model/personal trainer wrote a blog on why she wouldn't do CrossFit. If you want to read it for yourself the link is HERE. I'm not going to spend any time on a rebuttal to the article other than one small part that I felt applied to me. In the article she quote a "Science of Running" article that basically says that CrossFitters see good initial results and then after that wears off they don't make gains. I'm no scientist but I know what scientific method is so I went back and looked at some previous workouts I have done over a 3 year period to see where my progress should have flatlined by now according to her logic. Here is what I found:

May 30, 2011
"Half Murph"
1 mile run
50 pullups
100 push ups
150 air squats
1 mile run
Time to complete: 47 mins

I had been CrossFitting for about 2 months at this point so it's a pretty good baseline. According to my notes I was praying for death around halfway through this and finished behind an old lady doing the "full" in a 20# vest. Nana was a badass….

May 28, 2012
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
Time to complete: 55 mins

This was my first "full" Murph. It was unusually hot for Cleveland that day and according to my notes it felt a little like Satan's crotch. I went home, went to bed, and got up some time around Friday…

May 27, 2013
Time to complete - 40:58

A 14 minute PR here. This must be the best I will ever get right? At this point I'm inching into my mid 40's, been doing group workouts for two years now that are constantly varied so all my gains must be over. I should have just retired here…

May 29, 2014
Time to complete - 37:50

A 3 min PR over last year. It's important to note I did this workout two days earlier and PR'd it then as well. I re-did it because doing math in my head apparently is a struggle and I did 50 more squats than I needed to the first time. Ironically, I proved one part of Erin's blog correct. CrossFitters do a lot of dumb shit.

I know that the CrossFit detractors can argue that this is one workout and that it doesn't prove anything however I could spend time showing you how I am stronger and faster in all areas of fitness that I measure over that time frame. It doesn't matter. Go find something you like to do and do it a lot over a long period of time and you will improve. Also don't listen to anyone who thinks that fitness is a "10 minute ab" workout…

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