June 25, 2014

Random thoughts while running

So I’m four weeks into a 16 week training program designed to help me run a few races toward the end of the summer. I love getting medals for participation. I was also the kid that would fail math but be proud of perfect attendance. That explains a lot doesn’t it? Regardless, I have a few distances/races to get off my bucket list this year still so I’m running a ton. I did 8 miles today and hitting the road for that amount of time makes me think random thoughts such as:

1. I hate running
2. Make sure your balls have proper room in your shorts
3. Walking some is ok if your balls hurt
4. My feet hurt too but I don’t blame my balls for that
5. Running makes me think about my balls a lot…
6. When you are running with headphones on always look behind you before you fart
7. Never trust a fart
8. I like the new Gu Gel Salted Caramel and it gave me plenty of energy
9. My Gu is gooey and salty
10. I’m gross…

Currently I am running and doing CrossFit 4 days a week and taking 3 full rest days. It seems to be working but we will see how it goes as the mileage builds up. I’ll be happy to take any tips from you runners/crossfitters out there if you have them. Feel free to message me at thewodfather@gmail or just comment below….

Last but not least, Just so I can fully reinforce the whore-like nature of my existence I want to point you all to a sale I was made aware of from Adidas. 

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. 

Regardless, Adidas has some really cool stuff and if you are a shoe hound like me getting 50% is pretty awesome. Plus you can use the discount on other items like soccer gear (if that is even considered a sport), swimwear, or basically anything athletic so take advantage of this. If you just want to go old school and look like RUN DMC that’s cool as well. They only do it a couple of times a year. Just click the banner below or just click >>>up to 50% off!

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