February 10, 2015

CrossFit Definitions

CrossFit is full of slang and terms that make it hard for anyone outside of the culture to understand what we are talking about. You have all heard sayings like WOD, Box, & Metcon but there are a few “lesser known” terms that I think are important for you to know in order to fully appreciate the CrossFit lifestyle. For those of you that are new, I thought I would do you the favor of giving you the term, definition, and how to use it in a sentence so you can talk like you are truly elite…

Wodamized: This is how your ass typically feels after high rep deadlifts…
“Bro. Those reps were too heavy. I feel like I’ve been wodamized.”

CrossF*cked: What happens to you when your coach doesn’t show for the 5am class.
“Dude. I got my ass out of bed, went to the box, and the door was locked. I just got CrossF*cked big time!"

AMNAP: When you get caught resting in a laying position during a WOD.
“I was so tired during those burpees I didn’t want to get off the floor. Coach caught me taking an AMNAP.”

Fran: Total bitch or asshole.
“I tried to talk to the new girl but she’s a gigantic Fran…”

Mad Girlfriend: When you have torn calluses on your dominate hand.
“I did so many pull-ups today I shredded my hand and now I have a mad girlfriend. I guess I’ll be using the stranger later.”

Asstastic: How your ass feels after high rep abmat sit-ups.
“I took a shower after the WOD and screamed because it felt asstastic.”

Teabagged: When you take a wall ball to the face during a WOD. 
"I was doing Karen today and got teabagged like three times."

Booty wounded: Injuring yourself while staring at a girl in booty shorts. 
“I was was doing box jumps while Sarah was bending over and I got booty wounded on the box."

Houdini: A gym member who calls “Time” significantly faster than it would have been possible for him/her to possibly finish.
“I had a huge lead on Frank through two rounds and the next thing I know Houdini over there called time…”

I’m sure all of your boxes have their own unique phrases and sayings. Feel free to send them to thewodfather@gmail.com or in the comments below and I’ll include them in future lists.

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