February 4, 2015

Why a CrossFitter needs goals

So I haven’t written about it but several months back I left CrossFit Distinction and built a garage gym. After being at CFD for over three and a half years it was a tough decision but after a lot of thought I knew it would be best for me. I love CrossFit and almost everything that comes with it but like everything in life sometimes your goals and the goals that get handed to you move in different directions and you are forced into a choice. I made the choice that I thought would be best for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the goal of CrossFit. The goal of CrossFit is to get you functionally fit. That works for me. I also have a goal to have a six pack and look good naked but it sounds more polite to say functionally fit. You are welcome for the visual though. Anyhoo ~ I believe there are ways to be functionally fit without exclusively doing CrossFit. I wanted to try some different things and be able to have more control over my programming and I just couldn’t do that with a membership. It wasn’t really fair to me (or them) to continue with someone else’s programming while bitching that I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of it although I do love bitching….

You see, my problem is that I’m an independent thinker who likes to have complete control over my life. I’m the kind of guy that if I see a sandwich in the work fridge with a note on it that says “This belongs to Frank. Do not eat!” I will take out the sandwich, eat it, and leave a note in the fridge that says “Dear Frank, You can’t tell me what to do!” I am that A-hole. CrossFit doesn’t allow for independent thinking. Just show up, do the WODs, listen to the coaches, and go forth and tell the world that you CrossFit. Don’t question CrossFit, just do it. That’s the mentality and in truth it works and works well. Most people are not self motivated enough to do that crazy sh*t on their own and the structure and discipline of CrossFit makes it effective. It worked for me for several years. It was (and is) one of the many things I love about CrossFit.

With all of that said, I have been on my own for about six months now and have learned a few things. The biggest thing I have learned about myself is that I need a goal. Goals are important. I’ve been following programming from multiple boxes, coaches, creating my own, etc… and I am still seeing gains and PR’s but I struggle without having something to work toward. Fortunately for me, winter forced me into doing something different and setting a goal for myself. The issue is my garage is not heated and it gets really cold. The last time I attempted a long WOD my nipples were so hard I could hang Kettlebells from them. I’m sure someone in the CrossFit community has already attempted “Nipple Goblet Squats” but in truth I just don’t want to so I’ve been forced to move inside. I figured as long as I am indoors I will do a specific program so I signed up for 60 days of the Beachbody program “Insanity: Max 30”. Yes, I’m taking before and after pictures. No, you cannot see them. You would go blind….

So I think I just heard a collective “Gasp!” from the CrossFit community because I went to the “dark side” that is Beachbody.  Let me dispel a few myths and explain my reasoning and this program. First of all this workout is the real deal. It is all bodyweight, centered around mostly Tabatas and one minute to failure drills. It’s very similar to CrossFit in it’s mentality and allows me to stay indoors while sweating my ass off. It also gives me the structure and goal that I need in the short term by giving me guidance, variety, and an end point. It lasts 60 days so I have a very specific goal of with progress tracked thru measurements and the ability to last longer in the workouts. My fear from doing such a bodyweight centered program is loss of strength so I am bundling up and lifting heavy in the garage three days a week. I’m sticking to my Olympic lifting and traditional lifting programming as well as some skill work like handstand pushups, double unders, GHD’s, etc…

At this point I am about a week and a half into the program and here is my initial assessment:

  • Working out in front of the TV is weird
  • I have the coordination of Michael J. Fox tying his shoes on a boat
  • Shawn T talks in the third person a lot
  • JFW thinks that is cool
  • The girls in the videos wear really tight clothes
  • The workouts are less effective when you just stand there and look at the girls
  • I am sweating my ass off each morning and already seeing changes

Ok peeps. It’s time for me to go sweat in out in the living room. I’ll check back in periodically from time to time around this topic but expect me to continue to have fun at CrossFit’s expense on this blog. The Open is coming up and there is no way I would miss that fun…

Peace. Out.


  1. I need to trust the "system" and get all-around more proficient at CrossFit, I think, before breaking out on my own. But I have a lot of similar thoughts as you. What I perceive as some of my biggest weaknesses aren't necessarily targeted at my box. Yes, general functional fitness has helped, I'm stronger than I've ever been and look better naked than I ever have (at least that's what they say) but... I kind of want to be in control eventually as well. Watch out for those tight clothes wearing video girls, they are hazardous.

  2. I hear ya bro although I’ll take your word for it on how you look naked. I’m lucky that I have a few friends that are coaches that will come over and coach me from time to time. Otherwise it would be really tough to do. I will say this for the program. It’s flat out kicking my ass right now. It almost make me miss “Fran”……….almost.