February 12, 2015

Why I am not competing in the 2015 CrossFit Open (but you should)

That time of year is upon us. The CrossFit Open is finally taking enrollments and CrossFitters everywhere are pulling up their knee socks and getting excited. I just don’t happen to be one of them….

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Open. The last couple of years they have done a great job streaming the WODs with head to head match-ups of the best CrossFitters in the world and it has been fun to watch. I am just not going to sign up this year and there are a number of reasons.

Why I am not competing in the CrossFit Open:

I can do math: This is the simplest reason for me. I can do the WODs each week and compare my score to the board to see how I would have done without paying $20 to do so. I know what you are thinking. If everyone did that you wouldn’t get an accurate representation of where you would finish. That would be true in any normal event but this event is full of CrossFitters. CrossFitters are the same group of people that sold out the sh*tty original Nano’s in like two minutes and kept them on backorder forever. Trust me, they are all signing up…

Don’t judge me: Most coaches barely saying boo to you during a WOD but you call it the Open and all of the sudden they become Dave Castro shouting “No Rep!” before your hands even touch the bar. You couple that with the fact that most boxes don’t have enough coaches to actually judge so they resort to calling on members to judge each other. I feel like I judge my own movements pretty harsh. I certainly don’t need new member Steve telling me my ass wasn’t below parallel. I also don’t want Steve looking at my ass…

No stress: I hate the stress of waiting for the WODs to be announced. You spend all day at work obsessing about it and texting your buddies to guess what you think it may be. The moment finally comes and Dave Castro comes out in his flannel shirt and beanie cap announcing the WOD like he just discovered a cure for cancer. Just post the WOD already. I can do without the drama...

Don’t mess with my plan: The Open always seems to blow up my training plan. You do heavy deadlifts on Monday, 30” box jumps on Tuesday, and pull-ups on Wednesday only to have Castro announce a two hour AMRAP of deadlifts, box jumps, &  pull-ups. No thanks. If I am going to blow out my achilles it will be jumping from a rooftop escaping a jealous boyfriend, not doing a thousand box jumps…

Why you should compete in the CrossFit Open:

Face your fears: One of the things that CrossFit does well is make you mentally tough. Once you have endured enough pain you feel like you can face anything. The Open throws an unknown element into the mix that enhances that. The WODs are incredibly challenging and getting through all five will go a long way in helping you build your mental toughness.

The more you know: One of the keys to increasing your fitness is having a baseline for where you started. The Open will help you do that. You need to know where you stack up against your fellow box members as well as others in your age range. This year they have increased the number of ways you compete including a scaled division. You should be able to get a very good idea of where your current level of fitness is compared to your peers.

Take the test: Why are you working so hard at increasing your fitness if you aren’t going to test it from time to time? Short term goals that you train for will help keep you motivated and driven. I pick one or two a year to work toward. The last couple of years for me it was the Open, a full marathon, a Tough Mudder, and Sally in accounting. Done, Done, Done and sooooo not Done. While you can’t win them all, you don’t have to roofie the Open.

You only have a few more days. Put on your big boy pants and sign up already….

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