September 30, 2015

Back at CrossFit Distinction

So it’s been a hot minute but I’m back like a Pumpkin Spice Latte. That’s a poor analogy because I rarely attract white girls and I actually can even but you get the point. Not only am I attempting a return to my blog but I have left the safe and comfy confines of my garage gym and made my way back to the original stomping ground at CrossFit Distinction.

I originally left CFD and went on my own so I could control my programming and focus on my own individual challenges. It was fun and rewarding but now I am in a place in my life where I want the structure back, need to be pushed, and truthfully would prefer to not think about what tomorrows WOD will be...  (except to bitch about it of course)

Now I’ve been away from a “traditional” box for about a year and in that time you would expect a lot to change and some things to stay the same. CrossFit Distinction is no different in that regard. The business itself is under new ownership and it shows in the facility. There is plenty of shiny new equipment and a total overhaul of the bathroom situation. The new bathroom is so nice I was actually thinking of just getting a “Facilities membership”. You don’t get to workout but for $15 a month you can go up there in the morning and poop while reading a fitness magazine. If they would install a handicap rail you could actual work on muscle ups and/or L-sits while you were in there. Technically they would be called Muscle dumps and L-shits but you get the idea. It would be quite a value...

With new ownership came new management and ideas. The classes actually start and end on time (Gasp!) and now there are structured group warmups. I guess no one got the memo that JFW likes to wander around and look busy for 10 minutes prior to the workout and likes to start whenever he works up the courage. He also likes to refer to himself in the 3rd person. Truthfully all of this is a welcome change because my garage warmup usually involves updating my Facebook status, sending rude texts, and pouring a second (or third) cup of coffee. In my defense the Kuerig is very challenging and I Rx that b*tch every time...

I’m only three days back at this point but I have noticed a couple of things haven’t changed much at all. Apparently mobility is still a focus. I’ve been CrossFitting for 5 years or so now and eventually someone will have to explain the value of shoving a lacrosse ball up your ass as a tool for recovery. I think CrossFit coaches get together once a week and place bets on things they can make us do in the name of “recovery”.

Coach K: “Five bucks says I can get the entire class to stick a lacrosse ball between their pecs for 3 minutes and roll around on it. We’ll called it a motorboat smash.”
Coach L: “You’re on!” 
(a few hours later...)
Coach K: “Pay up!”

Another thing that has stayed the same is the community. CFD has added a ton of new members (probably due to the changes) but the vibe and feel is exactly like when I left. It is full of hard working, fun members who all have a common purpose and goal. It makes you work harder and want to come back for more even when you’re sore as hell and getting your ass kicked. (Which has happened to me all week)

That leads me to the last thing that hasn’t changed and back to why I returned. Working out with this group of athletes and coaches will make you push yourself harder and do things you wouldn’t attempt on your own. It takes you out of your comfort zone and that is where the results are. So far it has only resulted in sore arms from too many thrusters and a sore ass from a lacrosse ball (don’t ask) but I’m happy.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go drink a drink some water, soak my ass in the tub, and whine about my arms hurting...

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  1. it must be mouth day at your box (all that yappin) j/k man...good read "muscle dumps" Keep up the good work.