September 23, 2016

CrossFit Teenage Angst

Being a father is serious business. You are responsible not only for the physical well being of your children but also their emotional and spiritual health. I’m not always positive I am good at any of those things but like most things in my life I give it my best and hope it works out. It usually does.

A few days ago I had an experience that rolled all of those situations into one conversation. I was driving my oldest daughter to an event and had a rare moment where she raised her head from her iPhone and actually talked to me. I was a little shocked. I guess her battery had died and she was bored but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity and turned down the radio. You take what you can get with teenagers.

She is a freshman in high school and recently was asked by the cross country coaches to try out for the varsity team because of her experience running in middle school. We were discussing the team and how she stacked up against everyone else. She said to me “I made the team but only because they needed seven girls and I was faster than only one person.” It caught me off guard for a second and then I told her this.

“Don’t ever do that. Don’t ever make yourself less than you actually are. You EARNED that spot on the team. It wasn’t given to you. You may have “only” beaten one girl on the field but you crushed the hundreds that were too lazy to get off their couch and compete. Be proud of what you have accomplished because if you finish first, second, or last I am proud of you for trying”

She nodded and went “Meh” as only a teenager can. It was a tender moment...

It occurred to me afterward how often we as CrossFitters do this. I routinely look at the whiteboard and think “I did ok but I am nothing compared to the really strong guys”. I need to stop doing this. We all need to stop doing this. Celebrate your success in getting off the couch and going into the box. Enjoy a WOD without worrying about if you finish among the top scores or the bottom score. Be the best YOU can be and let the rest sort itself out.

Be the best version of you that you can be. That’s good enough...

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