July 27, 2017

JFW starts training at CrossFit Mentality

I’m a whiny little b*tch.

I hear that a lot. Ok...maybe not that direct but you get the point. I have been told on more than one occasion that I am “too sensitive” and truthfully I think that is a fair assessment of my personality. I wear my heart out on my sleeve and I struggle to take feedback that I view as negative. It’s something I continue to work on. That is why CrossFit can be hard for me at times. By it’s very nature, CrossFit challenges you to identify and address your weaknesses. I have been CrossFitting since 2011 and truthfully for the most part have gotten away with showing pretty significant progress because my initial baseline of fitness was so low that any progress seemed significant. My problem now is I have enough results and metrics behind me that if I want to continue to make progress I need to make some changes in what I am doing.

I spent a LOT of time over the past few months deciding what was next for me and where I landed was a total change in nutrition, training method, and coaching.

I changed my nutrition about 90 days ago. After looking at a lot of diets and nutrition strategies I found one I liked that I felt I could be consistent with. While the food and strategy is pretty simple, in order for it to work you have to follow the basic premise of “Don’t eat like an asshole just because you had a hard workout that day”. I fall into that trap like a lot of you. Coach programs a thousand deadlifts and pull-ups so you go “Well. I earned this entire pizza and cake” and then you gorge yourself until the only WOD you can do after that is bathroom sprints and squats for time. That’s not a fun WOD but on the bright side all that toilet time lets you catch up on all of your friends performance in Wodify. Regardless, what I am doing now is I basically stay away from anything processed, limit my alcohol, eat lean meats and fish, and lots of green veggies & healthy fats. I also spread my meals out to around 5 per day which includes post WOD protein shakes. I’ve dropped about 6% body fat and around 15 pounds following that strategy. I’d like to continue to lose a little more body fat and add some muscle but for the most part it seems to be working.

From a training method standpoint I started doing yoga 2-3x per week. That has really helped my flexibility, focus, and has me about two inches away from being able to actually stick my own head up my ass. I also think this is helping me with my whiny little b*tch problem. Yoga instructors tell you what to do for the entire time and you have to follow every word they say while you sweat it out. It’s kind of like being married if you think about it.

I also have been seeing a sports doctor/chiro twice a month and I plan to continue that as well. I do this to address injuries injuries but also to prevent future ones. I plan to continue this for the foreseeable future.

Changing my coaching was by far the hardest of the choices that needed to be made. I’ve been at the same box, CrossFit Distinction, since 2011. I love it there. It’s a great space, amazing coaches, terrific community, and the owners are top notch. Making a decision to leave was incredibly difficult but I did it for one simple reason. I lack the ability to be coached there. It doesn’t matter how good the coach is, and CFD has amazing coaches, but if you lack the ability to be accepting of the coaching you will not make progress. I’ve been at CFD for so long now I have started viewing the coaches as friends which isn’t fair to them and certainly will not help me. I feel a little bit like LeBron when I say this but I am taking my lack of talents to CrossFit Mentality.

The reason I chose Mentality was I believe that outside of CFD, it gives me the best chance to make significant progress. First, Mentality is owned by Scott Panchik. I’ve known Scott since his first trip to the Games when he was training out of CFD. I’ve met most of his family and his twin bros follow me on Twitter cause I’m funny AF... Regardless I’ve always had a lot of respect for the family and the success that they have is unquestioned. Second, I figured I could get the best of both worlds. I can have coaches I am familiar with yet not so familiar that they won’t tell me when I am screwing up. Truthfully on my first visit, Saxon Panchik watched my squat clean once and picked it apart faster than a fat kid picks apart a chicken wing. The fact that he didn’t openly laugh at me was a bonus. Last, I know a few of the members there and felt like it would make the transition easier for me to have a few friendly faces.

My plan is to train at Mentality  for the foreseeable future and blog my progress, results, failures, and overall shenanigans on a more regular basis. I’d love to have you guys follow along...


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