August 1, 2017

Time to grow up if I wanna swole up...

So I am 2 days into my CrossFit training and I am sore af. No shock there. You just can’t replicate the intensity of a WOD at home. You can try but it is d*mn near impossible. Today’s WOD was no different in that regard but it did make me notice a few things about my personality and training style. 

So to give you a little context, on top of all this physical training I have been doing lately, I have also been doing some “emotional training” that includes meditation, reading, prayer, and therapy. Even at my age you need to grow emotionally and since I have the emotional range of a Daisy Air Rifle, I have plenty of work to do in this area. I am as they say in the therapy business “a work in progress”...

The reason I mention this is that this morning my emotional training and physical training came head to head. It started with the workout itself. We had a workout today that included all elements I have done often and am comfortable with. It was comprised of two metcons and would give me the opportunity to test my fitness against previous work. 

Metcon One
Row 10:00 for max distance 
Total 2616m

Metcon Two
25 Cal Assault bike
25 Burpees
25 Hang cleans 115#
Time - 4:59

I felt like I did pretty well in both workouts. My rowing pace was around what I expected and in the second metcon I came in under the time goal I had set for myself. What I uncovered however came after...

In between and after the workouts our coach Mallory walked us around the building to help us cool down and recover. I’m still getting to know everyone at the gym so I enjoyed getting to take the walk and get to know the coach. She is really good at what she does and I figure the better all the coaches get to know me, the better they will be able to coach me. As I talked to her and recapped how I had performed it occurred to me I was only focusing on the things that I did not do well. I spent the entire conversation breaking down my inefficiencies in my rowing, assault bike, and hang cleans. From a training standpoint it is good that I can break down my weaknesses so I can better address fixing them. My problem with that is I believe that negativity without a positive future outlook will bleed over into the rest of my life and I can’t allow that anymore. I’ve done that for far too long. It’s ok for me to attack my weaknesses but I need to start being grateful for what I can do well, for what I have, and what I have been given. So moving forward I am going to try to smile a little more during the WODs (as much as you can anyway) and recognize progress where it happens. I’ll still be a work in progress but every little bit will help me chip away at the man I want to be. 

In an effort to start doing this I will say that we did double-unders yesterday and it was the first time I have done them in 4 months. I was really worried I had lost my touch but I made them my b*tch! 10 round of 30 and I did rounds 4-10 unbroken without making my legs look like 50 Shades of CrossFit. That’s positive right?!?

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