September 17, 2017

Quit complaining and get to work

I need to issue an apology to a few people. Kyle, Lindsey, and Gordon are my former coaches at CrossFit Distinction. Each one of them are amazing coaches and invested a lot of time in me over the years. At some point or another they all tried to give me structured warmup and WOD advice and I complained and moaned like the little b*tch I can be. I should have just taken their lead and ran with it. If it is any consolation guys I have learned my lesson. (mostly)

The truth is that if I have figured out anything in the last month and a half it is that there is peace (and value) in just showing up and doing as you are told. When I made the switch to Mentality I told myself that I would be quiet and do the work without complaint. I can honestly admit that I have done that to the best of my ability. What I didn’t count on was what quick progress I would see and how much easier it would make everything. I swear at this point they could tell me to do just about anything and I would barely question it.

Scott: “Ok class. Today we are gonna do chicken clucks for time. What I want you to do is stand on one leg, move your head back and forth while flapping your arms and making clucking sounds. Any questions?”

Me: “Ummmmm yeah. I have one. Right leg or left leg?”

Scott: “Great question! Right leg.”

Me: (standing on right leg) “Bwaaaaakkk!”

Ok. I might be embellishing a bit. Scott would make us do Chicken Clucking Rope Climbs but you get the point. I really don’t question or complain about the warmups or WODs anymore and here is why...

1. Less Stress - I don’t like to think. My life as a whole is obviously proof of that but when it comes to programming I figure that I’m gonna let the peeps that do this full time worry about it. I’ll waste my brainpower on more important things like trying to discretely watch the girls do deadlifts and where the closest garbage can is in case the WOD makes me puke...

2. Less injury - This is a pretty big deal. Virtually every time I have been injured it was because I didn’t prepare for the workout properly. If doing jumping jacks and shoving a lacrosse ball up my ass keeps me injury free then so be it.

3. Progress - Warmup is a great time to work on form and technique. Rowing, SkiErg, Bike, and Double-unders are particularly important. If you want to make progress in WODs you need to be able to do all four of these. I hear people say all the time “I suck at the bike” or "I hate double unders”. Yeah well they both hate you too. Just do them and get over it. No one ever gets better at the Assault Bike. They just lose so many brain cells riding it that they are no longer scared of it.

4. Community - One of the best parts of CrossFit is forming relationships with the other members. The joint suffering that comes from the WOD builds camaraderie. This is exactly why you should only b*tch about a workout AFTER it is over. Let the coaches design the pain and then you can make friends after. Granted the friend may be a nurse in the emergency room but a friend is a friend...

At the end of the day I know it can be stressful going into a WOD that has movements you are not comfortable with. Talk to the coaches about it. Don’t complain. They will gladly help you find a scale that works for you. You can complain some after the WOD if you like and console yourself in the realization that a well programmed WOD is a lot like a marriage. Everyone is unhappy. Besides, if things get really bad during the WOD you can treat it like a marriage and tell the coach you are going out for milk and just never come back....

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  1. Hey buddy I totally agree with your sayings.Its the general phenomenon in our daily lives we being humans always seek for ease and when we fail to achieve something we start complaining and quit things.Instead of doing this we should give our best and then leave the rest on God's will.