So this is my blog. I’m just gonna lay it out there with a blanket apology. I say a lot of dumb sh*t so if you are easily offended this might night be the best place for you. If you don’t mind my foolishness then poke around and read a little. I hope you have a laugh or two…

As for me, I’m a 40-something CrossFitter who has been doing this for a few years. I love the challenge and the community that it creates. I’ve had some moderate success for an old dude.

2nd Place 2016 Snowball Games at 13:15 Fitness Co-ed scaled division
50th Place 2016 CrossFit Open Central East Division 45-49 year old division
1st Place 2017 Master Main Event at Coca CrossFit 45-49 year old division

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Note: JFWodfather.com is not associated with CrossFit. This is simply a fan blog. All the words written on these pages are my words and not representative of CrossFit, Inc. 

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